Super Mario RPG Remake- How To Level Up Fast/ Exp Booster

Super Mario RPG RemakeIn Super Mario RPG Remake, we know that in this or any role-playing game, each character progresses and advances a level after collecting a specific amount of Experience Points. Therefore, we always look out for all the tricks that are used to level up your characters in the party quickly. In this guide, we have explained how can we level up fast and get an accessory i.e. EXP Booster which plays a vital role in gaining more Experience points.

How To Level Up Fast/ Exp Booster In Super Mario RPG Remake?

Most importantly get an Exp Booster which is an accessory that can be purchased from the Frog Sage’s student for 22 Frog coins who will be found in Seaside Town. After acquiring the EXP Booster, half of the task is already accomplished.

Equip the EXP Booster to any character whom you wish to level up quickly. Now, you will need to select the area where you can farm the XPs. Apparently, the last area or the final world has enemies who are distinguishingly stronger than any other world which in turn provide high experience points.

At the Weapon World, you can farm and encounter Machine-Made enemies specifically Machine-Made Speardovich who provide high experience points to defeat him. Other than that you can play it casually and defeat any enemies whom you will encounter on your path whereas do make sure that the EXP Booster is always equipped on the characters. This ensures that you are at least making quick progress and benefit from the accessory.

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