Super Mario RPG Remake- How To Get Extra Shiny Stone

Super Mario RPG RemakeExtra Shiny Stone and Shiny Stone are two different types of stones or items in Super Mario RPG Remake. Initially, you will find the Shiny Stone which will be used to unlock the mysterious door that leads you to a secret boss fight, Culex 2D before completing a game once. So what is Extra Shiny Stone and how to get it in Super Mario RPG Remake?

How To Get Extra Shiny Stone In Super Mario RPG Remake?

Unlike Shiny Stone which was obtained from trading a Firework with a lady, Extra Shiny Stone can be obtained after completing and defeating the post-game or new game plus optional boss Johnny. Similar to Shiny Stone which had unlocked the door in Monstro Town to encounter the Culex 2D, Extra Shiny Stone can be used to unlock and engage against Culex 3D.

Culex 3D is a stronger version of the 2D version which means your party is going to struggle a lot against this secret boss unless you are prepared with your best equipment and build. To unlock the door and fight against the final secret boss Culex 3D, make sure you have completed all the event and boss fights which include:

  • Scratchy-Throat Belome
  • Leveled-Up Punchinello
  • Engine 023 Booster
  • Exhausted Chef Torte
  • Mario-Style Jinx
  • Duel-Ready Johnny

This will unlock the door in Monstro Town which will react with your Extra Shiny Stone. Enter the door and fight Culex3D to emerge victorious. For more informative guides on Super Mario Remake RPG, check the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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