Remnant 2 The Awakened King How To Get Anguish Weapon

Remnant 2

In Remnant 2 The Awakened King, you will find a handgun that deals explosive damage. This weapon is called “Anguish” and to obtain it you need to grind the game a bit. You will also need some luck to re-roll the world in adventure mode. To craft the Anguish handgun you will need an item called “Occult Vessel”. This item can be tricky to find and you need to follow the steps given below perfectly.

Remnant 2 The Awakened King How To Get Anguish Weapon

Steps to obtain an Anguish gun and find Dran are:

Step 1 – Start a new campaign after getting the DLC and reach up to Root Earth (Can be done in easy mode).

Step 2 – Re-roll the adventure mode till you get to Ethereal Manor in the Losomn fire dungeon. Inside the manor, you will find sleeping Dran on the chair on the first floor with whom you need to interact. After interacting with him you will wake up in a dream world. You need to consume an item called “Liquid Escape” which has a skull-like bottle.

Step 3 – Visit Ward 13 and you will find Dran as shown in the image above. Interact with him to start chasing him multiple times. You need to find Dran 3-4 more times to get the Occult Vessel. From this point of the game you should not die, else have to start from Step 2 again.

Step 4 – Re-roll the adventure mode to Yaesha, Red Throne. There on the left side building of the prison, you will find Dran.

Step 5 – In the campaign mode go to Labyrinth and behind the big portal upper side you will find Dran standing at the edge.

Step 6 – Re-roll the adventure mode for N’Erud Tal Ratha, Forgotten Prison, there you will find Dran.

Step 7 – Now switch to campaign mode Root Earth Ashen Wasteland, complete the first area, and keep progressing till you reach a checkpoint with fences around. You can find Dran near the checkpoint leaning on the fence.

Step 8 – Re-roll the adventure mode for Losomn Nightweaver, Tormented Asylum to find Dran and he will give you a consumable item called Dran’s Dream.

Step 9 – Use the consumable Dran’s Dream and interact with Dran to get the Occult Vessel.

After getting the Occult Vessel, visit Ward 13 and talk to Ava McCabe and you will find the option to craft the Anguish Gun.

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