Remnant 2 The Awakened King- Misplaced Memoir Quest Guide

Remnant 2In Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC, we have a bunch of quests and events that can be or need to be completed to secure all the unique items that the game has to offer. This allows you to experiment and implement all new builds to simply melt and delete any enemies that cross your path.

We have already experienced that there are multiple rewards that can be obtained from a single quest item. However, we need to start a different run which is absolutely acceptable. Speaking of which, If you are wondering what will Misplaced Memoir fetch you then read this guide.

Misplaced Memoir Quest Guide/Outcome For Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC

After obtaining Misplaced Memoir in the Forlorn Coast you can visit Leywise. There are a few sets of actions that can be implemented to get different results. Most importantly, whether to open the Misplaced Memoir and whether we need not to open it. Well, we can do it both in different runs!

Misplaced Memoir Opened

If you interact and open the clamp of the Misplaced Memoir, you will obtain a Bookbound Medallion from the inside. The Bookbound Medallion is another quest item that will be used to unlock a specific door in the Chamber of the Faithless. From the checkpoint in the Chamber of the Faithless, you can choose to take 3 paths.

The path on the right will lead you to some kind of library where books are all stacked everywhere. At the end of the path, there will be a door which is apparently the room or chamber of the Royal Scribe, Leywise. Read the notes in his chamber to learn why he has fled from the Palace and never returned once. In the chamber, you will find a Relic i.e. Paper Heart. Finally, do not forget to confront Leywise and tell him that you have found his secret lair.

Give Bookbound Medallion To Leywise

There are 2 sets of choices:

If you have interacted and opened the Misplaced Memoir to obtain the Bookbound Medallion, there is an option to not enter his chamber but rather give him back. Agree to give Bookbound Medallion in his first asking to get the ring i.e. Burden Of The Sciolist. The effect of this ring is to increase Mod and Skill Damage by 15% at the expense of reducing ammo reserves by 25%.

Show him the medallion and tell him that you found it on the ground. When he shows interest in the medallion, pull back and tell him that you are keeping it. Finally agree to trade which will give you the Ring of Infinite Damage. The effect of this ring is to increase the fire rate by 8%.

Misplaced Memoir Untouched

Visit Leywise and give him the Tome i.e. Misplaced Memoir to get an amulet i.e. Index of the Scribe. Index of the Scribe increases your Mod and Skill weakspot damage by 35%.

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