The Last Faith How To Upgrade Weapons & Level Up

The Last Faith

In The Last Faith, you will find stronger enemies as you progress in the game and explore new areas. To prevail in combat against them, you will have to upgrade your weapons and your character stats level. To upgrade your weapons you will need an item called Moonsilver Stone.

To upgrade your character stats/attributes you will need Nycrux. You will also have to interact with two different NPC. Below you will find a brief guide on how to obtain Moonsilver Stone and where to find these NPC.

The Last Faith How To Upgrade Weapons & Level Up

To upgrade your character weapons, you will need to find Mariano. You can check out our previous guide on Mariano Location. Once you have found Mariano at the City Of Mythringal, you will find him again in the Oxnevylle’s Manor.

There you can interact with Mariano and upgrade your weapons. To upgrade your weapons you will need an item called Moonsilver stone that will be dropped randomly by killing enemies. You can also buy the Moonsilver stone from Mariano for 1800 Nycrux.

To level up your character you need to interact with an NPC called Helenya, you can find her outside the Oxnevylle’s Manor. Stand in the middle of the main hall in Oxnevylle Manor just left of the statue and you will find a door to interact through which you can go outside. There you will find the NPC Helenya with whom you can interact and upgrade your character attributes.

There is a total of five attributes that you can upgrade. To upgrade your attributes you will need Nycrux which can be obtained by killing enemies. These attributes upgrades are:

  • Vitality
  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Mind
  • Instinct

For starting levels, you won’t need much Nycrux to level up the attributes. But as you level up, the cost to upgrade each attribute also increases. After upgrading weapons till level 2, Mariano will ask you to find blueprints to further upgrade your weapons. Check out our previous guide on where to find all blueprints.

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