The Last Faith How To Move Cubes & Get Gravitational Ring

The Last Faith

The Last Faith is a Metroidvania-style game where you need to visit the same area multiple times to find a new pathway after obtaining some new items or gear. There are various types of items that will help you in your exploration. You will also have access to different weapons, spells, and long-range firearms.

The game specializes in a nonlinear progression where players have the choice and freedom to explore any area they like. But some of the pathways will be blocked till you find certain items like a Gravitational Ring to push or pull obstacles to create new pathways or Technological Gloves to climb walls. Below you will find a brief guide on where to find the Gravitational Ring.

The Last Faith How To Get Gravitational Ring/ Move Obstacles

While exploring different areas in this game you will encounter some obstacles that will block your path. These obstacles are cube-like structures with a face carved on them. To move these structures and open up the pathway you will need an item called Gravitational Ring.

This Gravitational Ring description says, “I have found what only whisper have spoken of…this jewel has granted leverage over gravity…a way to the path towards emancipation…yet I feel something…rage, hatred…hunger…a shadow.”

You can obtain this ring from an NPC called “Annabella”. To find her you need to reach the Federal Inquisition area. Check out the image above to find the exact location of the NPC. After reaching the NPC room, simply interact with her to obtain the ring.

Once you have acquired the ring, you will be able to move the cubes forward or backward. Go near a cube and interact with it to push or pull. Obtaining the ring also unlocks an achievement called “A Gravitational Grasp”.

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