The Last Faith How To Get Technological Gloves/ Climb Walls

The Last Faith

The Last Faith is a Souls-like Metroidvania game developed by Kumi Souls Games. As the game features a Metroidvania style, there is no linear path to follow in the game. You can visit any area and obtain items in any order in the game. One of the best items you could get your hands on early game is the Technological Glove. Below you will find a brief guide on how to obtain this item.

The Last Faith How To Get Technological Gloves/ Climb Walls

The technological glove is an item that allows you to grapple and climb up walls. You can find this item pretty early on in the game but to acquire it you need to gather 10,000 Nycrux. The Nycrux is just like souls that you gather after killing an enemy in the Souls game.

With Nycrux you can buy items, upgrade weapons, and level up your character. To obtain the Technological glove, you will have to find an NPC called “Mariano“. To reach this NPC, you need to first find a switch, and activate it to lower a ladder that will lead you to Mariano’s room in City Of Mythringal.

Follow the marker shown in the image above to find the switch location and from there pass through two rooms towards the right side to find the lowered ladder. Take the ladder up and you will find 3 Healing injections. Take another ladder and on the right you will find the door leading to Mariano’s room.

After interacting with Mariano, you can find him again in the Oxnevylle’s Manor. Teleport to the manor and go to the left-most room on the ground floor. There you will find the NPC Mariano selling the technological Glove for 10,000 Nycrux.

Locate a place where multiple enemies are present and kill them to obtain Nycrus. Reset the world by resting in the checkpoint and repeat the process till you gather 10,000 Nycrus. Buy the technological gloves and now you can reach higher places by climbing up walls.

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