Remnant 2 The Awakened King- How To Unlock Death Soaked Idol

Remnant 2In RemnantĀ  2 The Awakened King DLC we are uncovering secrets and truths each run or per every try. There is so much to look out for such as how to get a One True Ending, or how to get a unique Band of Fanatic ring that requires a unique approach in the game.

However, unlike other profound secrets, Death Soaked Idol can be obtained or unlocked straightforwardly if you are able to complete the Ethereal Manor Puzzle. The problem for the first-timers is it does not say what we need to do. Everything needs to be figured out by trial and error. Therefore, instead of going through all the tedious processes, this guide assists you on how to get the Death Soaked Idol quickly.

How To Unlock Death Soaked Idol In Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC?

Once you enter the Ethereal Manor after being dragged into it by an NPC, instead of opening the door carelessly, peep into the room from the door peephole. Once you locate the glowing red light which usually indicates a loot or drop, open the door and collect the Talismans.

After collecting 4 Talismans i.e. Strange Talisman and 3x Bloody Talisman, you will be able to enter the Ethereal Manor and obtain the Death Soaked Idol which is the final item or Amulet to complete the Ethereal Manor puzzle. In the process of exploring Ethereal Manor, make sure you also collect the Crimson Dreamstone.

Death Soaked Idol is an Amulet that “Increases all damage by 5% for each entity within 20m suffering from a unique Negative Status Effect. Max 5 stacks.” It works with perfect synergy who are using the build that debuffs enemies and makes them suffer from negative status effects. A 25% damage multiplier is always better which can also be stacked with other damage-amplifying items such as Band of Fanatic.

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