Remnant 2 Awakened King- Unlock Gift Of The Unbound Amulet?

Remnant 2In Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC we have seen and found Nimue as well as the One True King in the Chamber of Faithless. After learning that there are different dialogue choices that will lead you to different types of endings. To learn about all the endings and the rewards dropped, check our previous guide.

Gift of the Unbound Amulet is a powerful and unique amulet that negates/disables all the negative effects of Burden Rings. Burden Rings such as Burden of the Rebel, Burden of the Divine Ring, and Burden of the Stargazer, etc. The Burden of the Divine Ring’s known effect is that all damage dealt by the wearer is reduced by 10% and 50% of self-healing applies to allies. Therefore, Gift of the Unbound Amulet and Burden of the Divine Ring are a nice pair and have better synergy to a party build. Similarly, it works better with other Burden Rings.

How To Get A Gift Of The Unbound Amulet In Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC?

Speaking of the Ending earlier above, the Gift of the Unbound Amulet can be only obtained if you have selected the following choices.

  • First, reach and talk to the One True King in the Chamber of the Faithless.
  • Choose the dialogue option “I am a loyal servant, Your Majesty.” and follow through the whole process of accepting other dialogues such as “What is my task, Majesty” and “I will see what I can do” to kill Nimue.
  • This will let you have a new quest item “Rod of Retribution“.
  • Proceed to Nimue’s location and decide to spare her.
  • This will let you have a new “Nimue Vow“.
  • Defeat the One True King and the Nimue Vow will be updated to Nimue’s Blood-Marred Vow.
  • Go back to Nimue and give her the quest item Nimue’s Blood-Marred Vow, to obtain a unique Amulet i.e. Gift of the Unbound.

This is all you need to obtain the rare amulet. For more informative guides on Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC, click on the links that have been mentioned below:

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