Remnant 2 Awakened King- True Ending & Crimson Guard Armor

Remnant 2In Remnant 2, The Awakened King DLC has brought significant changes around the world of Losomn. The One Shot Adventure allows you to access new and unique content i.e. tailored to that specific adventure. Many players who have owned the “The Awakened King” DLC must have completed the playthrough at least once. Then you will be allowed to Reroll the Adventure and access the old and new areas. This is essential if you are looking for the True Ending and get a unique armor set i.e. the Crimson Armor set.

How To Unlock Crimson Armor AKA Red Prince Armor Set In Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC?

Most importantly as we have said earlier, you will need to complete The Awakened King DLC again which involves you slaughtering the One True King in the Chamber of the Faithless. Once you have defeated the One True King, you will need to make your way to the Gilded Chambers.

Before progressing ahead, make sure you have 3 Crimson King Coins in your possession that can be farmed after defeating the Fae knights. Run through the castle and after killing the first Fae knight, you can teleport back and forth to reset the farming process and go for the first Fae knight again.

Considering you have obtained the required 3 Crimson King Coins after defeating and looting the Fae knights, make your way toward the chamber where the Red Prince can be found. Select the option to give him tribute. [Give coins]

After respawning, the chamber will be empty as he has relocated to a new place. To find the Red Prince, go to the Chamber of the Faithless. In the throne room, talk to the Red Prince and he will reward you for the assistance. The reward is none other than the Crimson Guard complete set that consists of:

  • Crimson Guard Shroud
  • Crimson Guard Plate
  • Crimson Guard Gauntlets
  • Crimson Guard Sabatons

PS: You can kill the One True King later if you want to farm the Crimson King Coins and give tribute to the Red Prince early. However, make sure you are slaughtering the One True King later. Leave and come back to the Chamber of the Faithless to find the Red Prince and Royal Scribe in the throne room.

How To Get The One True Ending?

Once you have obtained the Crimson Guard armor set by following the process i.e. mentioned above, you will unlock the Succession achievement/trophy that implies that you have discovered the One True Ending.

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