Star Ocean Second Story R- Unlock Welch Sp. Art Nibelungaling

star ocean the second story rIn Star Ocean Second Story R Welch has a Special Art/Skill Nibelungaling! that requires a specific Item “Symbol Of The Gods” to learn one of the most powerful light elemental attacks known in-game. However, to unlock or get the Symbol of the Gods, you will have to go into a whole process of finding the base item or in this case ingredient.

How To Unlock Welch Special Arts/Skills Nibelungaling! In Star Ocean Second Story R?

To unlock the Welch star’s Special Art/Skills Nibelungaling!, you will be required to complete the game first. Next, return to Expel and enter the Eluria Tower. After entering the Eluria Tower, you will need to climb to the top tower. Advance forward toward the end and at the final chamber, the chest will be hidden in the corner left of the cubes.

Open the Treasure Chest which will give you a valuable item i.e. Smooth Crystal. Next, select Item Creation and Crafting. Select the party member who has a higher success rate to craft the Smooth Crystal.

There will be only one item that will be created with Smooth Crystal i.e. “Symbol Of The God“. The known effect of the Symbols Of The Gods is that it teaches Welch a new move i.e. Nibelungaling! special art.

After crafting it, find the item under the “Other” category. Use the “Symbol Of The Gods” and you have learned one of the most powerful special arts. For more informative guides on Star Ocean The Second Story R, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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