Remnant 2 The Awakened King- How To Unlock Dark Pact Trait?

Remnant 2In Remnant 2 The Awakened King, the new Archetype Trait i.e. Dark Pact has been added to the game which can be unlocked after completing a special event. Dark Pact reduces grey health regen rate or recovery rate drastically. Is it worth it? No idea, but to ensure everyone unlocks this new Trait, we have completed this guide. Read it to the end and unlock the new Archetype Trait quickly.

How To Unlock Dark Pact Trait In Remnant 2 The Awakened King?

To unlock the Dark Pact Trait automatically, you will need to ring bells in Forlorn Coast. Enter the world of Losomn and enter the first area i.e. fortunately Forlorn Coast. There are a total of 3 huge bells found in the area which we will need to find in order to ring it.

1st Bell

The first bell will be located near the Checkpoint area where the river is found. Ring the bell and simply eliminate all the enemies to progress in the search for the other 2 bells.

2nd Bell

On your way towards the “Palace of the One True King“, you will find the huge bell close to the entrance of the Palace. Just after jumping on the roof of the building to approach the Palace, you will find the Bell in the open area. Shoot the bell and eliminate the enemies to progress to the final bell.

3rd Bell

After entering the “Palace of the One True King”, go downstairs to exit from the Palace. From the entrance or checkpoint, take the stairs to go up a floor. Then drop down to descend the stairs and exit the palace. After exiting, instead of going towards the checkpoint outside, go to the opposite way i.e. right.

At a moderate distance, you can find the bell to shoot and complete the part of the trial. After eliminating all the enemies, you will gain the first Archetype Trait i.e. Dark Pact.

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