Remnant 2 The Awakened King- How To Get Crimson Dreamstone

Remnant 2In Remnant 2, The Awakened King DLC we have a new and decent item i.e. Crimson Dreamstone which is a ring available to grab. This ring is easily missable during the playthrough as many do not realize that there is more to the Ethereal Manor than we think. Despite travelers struggling to get past or escape the Ethereal Manor where you are dragged by a weird NPC who just shouts in your ear “Wake Up“. If you have learned or seen Crimson Dreamstone somewhere on the loadout of various travelers then here’s where they got it.

How To Get Crimson Dreamstone In Remnant 2 The Awakened King?

After approaching the NPC in Sunken Haunt or in Derelict Lighthouse strange manor, you will be dragged or teleported to the Ethereal Manor. To escape the Ethereal Manor, we have written a complete guide here which you can check to complete it flawlessly.

Now, once you have entered the Ethereal Manor after teleported from the Sunken Haunt or Derelict Lighthouse, all you need to do is die. Under Consumables, you can consume Liquid Escape to enter the area i.e. Consecrated Throne. Approach the Throne where you will find a new ring known as Crimson Dreamstone. Apparently, this ring is quite unique and it buffs the skill damage. The description of the ring is written below:

Critical Hits increase Skill Damage by 1% for 10s. The maximum number of stacks that can be applied is 15.

Frustrated and trapped in Ethereal Manor, we decided to “Wake Up” from the slumber by drinking the Liquid Escape and teleport back to the last activated checkpoint. But something else was in store for us. This ring complements your critical build and increases the skill damage which is a must item that you can’t pass on. Get your own Crimson Dreamstone and tinker with your build.

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