Remnant 2 The Awakened King- How To Escape The Ethereal Manor

Remnant 2In Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC, the absolute puzzles and secrets added in the new Adventure are complex but once you learn what to do and how to solve it then it becomes a straightforward quest. Ethereal Manor is a replica of the Sunken Haunt’s Manor which you will be able to enter by interacting or approaching an NPC who would be sitting on the chair.

The frustrating part would be to repeat the same task where he gets a hold of you and shouts in your eardrum “Wake Up” again and again to restart the puzzle. Well after countless tries, we discovered what we needed to do which we have shared in this guide.

How To Escape The Ethereal Manor In Remnant 2 The Awakened King

Ethereal Manor is a dungeon that can only be accessed if you meet an NPC who appears to spawn in Sunken Haunt or at Derelict Lighthouse. After entering the mansion, you will find an NPC sitting on a chair. Approaching him would teleport you to a new area called Ethereal Manor.

The Ethereal Manor will be quite overwhelming and confusing as travelers might not know what to do and look out for. There are a total of 5 items you need to collect in order to complete the puzzle and escape the Ethereal Manor.

Direct Approach To Escape The Ethereal Manor

Now, all you need to do is walk inside the manor and look inside the room through the peeping hole at the door. Avoid the man or NPC and look out for the glowing aura emitted by the items. It would be easily spotted from the peeping hole if you change the camera angle. Walk and check each door to scan the room for the respective items:

  1. Strange Talisman
  2. Bloody Talisman
  3. Bloody Talisman
  4. Bloody Talisman
  5. Death-Soaked Idol

Death-Soaked Idol is a final item or Amulet that will be obtained after you have collected all 4 Talismans already. After that, you will be teleported back to the World Stone from where you can continue the playthrough.

Using Fortune Hunter Skill To Escape The Ethereal Manor

As we all know that the Fortune Hunter skill of the Explorer Archetype can be used to highlight the amulets, rings, weapons, armor, chests, relics, and tomes of knowledge. Therefore it can be used to highlight the specific rooms that contain the puzzle-related items to escape the Ethereal Manor.

Simply approach the rooms that have the respective items and finally collect the Death-Soaked Idol to escape the Ethereal Manor. There is yet another item that can only be obtained through Ethereal Manor i.e. Crimson Dreamstone. Make sure that you do not miss the opportunity to grab it when you are in the Ethereal Manor.

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