Remnant 2 The Awakened King All Ending Choices & Rewards

Remnant 2

In Remnant 2 The Awakened King, there are two different choices you will get in the end but one final boss “One True King”. One of the choices will be to kill Nimue while in the other one, you will have to spare her. In both instances, you will have to fight the “One True King”. Below you will find all the choices and which one to choose. You will also find a list of rewards you will get with each choice.

Remnant 2 The Awakened King All Ending Choices & Rewards

At the end of the game, while interacting with One True King, you will get two choices, either to kill Nimue or Fight with One True King. If you choose to kill Nimue, then you have to find and interact with her. There you will again get two choices either to kill or spare Nimue.

If you choose to spare Nimue, you will have to fight with One True King. If you decide to Kill Nimue and return back to One True King, he will still be suspicious. If you can kill a goddess, you might try to kill One True King and claim the throne. Eventually, you will have to fight with One True King.

Depending on the choices you choose at the end of the playthrough you will receive different items from Nimue. The One True King drops two items that require a certain condition.

The conditions in which you receive different items from One True King is to deal the last blow whether his weapon is broken or not. If you deal the last blow while the weapon is broken, you will obtain “Tormentor Pommel”, if you deal the last blow while he has the weapon, you will obtain “Agony Spike”

If you meet Nimue before interacting with the One True King and decide to kill One True King, return back to Nimue to obtain the “Jewel Of The Beholden Ring”. 

If you have interacted with One True King first and choose to Kill Nimue then you will receive the “Broken Heart” relic. But after reaching her if you decide to spare her, you will obtain the “Nimue Blood-Marred Vow” after killing the One True King. This item can be used to craft the “Gift Of The Unbound” amulet.

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