Lethal Company How To Make Money Fast & Get Scrap

Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, there are various items that could help you survive on the moon. To buy these items, you need to make money and buy items from the terminal. To earn money, you will have to explore the moon’s facility and find scraps that could be sold. Below you will find a brief guide on collecting scrap and making quick money.

Lethal Company How To Make Money Fast

The only way to make money in this game is to sell scrap which is also kind of the objective to meet the Company quota. Scraps can be found inside different moons facility but for that, you need to risk your lives from all kinds of monsters. You can also risk your life or your crewmate and try to steal the beehive. But doing so will make the best Circuit bees very aggressive who will chase the hive till the spaceship.

The best location to farm for scraps will be the Titan and Rend moons. Both of these moons are not for players who are just starting the game, as you will find more lethal monsters in these areas. You need to carry the scraps you find inside the facility back to your ship.

While carrying the scraps your player will be slowed, so you might want to throw them while running away from a monster. You can check out our previous guide on how to sell scraps for maximum profit. If you have collected a lot of scraps, sell only till you meet the company quota.

Keep the extra scraps with you because as you progress in the game, the quota will keep on increasing. To find your scraps price, you can pile them up around a corner and scan all of them together. If you are not confident of surviving a particular moon, you should sell your item even if you are getting a percentage of the value.

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