Coral Island How To Adopt Pets & List Of All Pets

Coral Island

Coral Island is a casual simulation game developed by Stairway Games. The game was released recently and with the full release, tons of new content has been added. One of the content most liked by the players is pet adoption. Below you will find a brief guide on how to adopt a pet and all pet list.

Coral Island How To Get Pets & List Of All Pets

To adopt a pet in Coral Island you need to visit the Town Center. There on the first right side room, you will find the adoption center. Interact with the desk counter to shop for a bed for your pet or adopt a pet. Before you can adopt one, you need to buy a bed and place it either inside or outside your house depending on the bed type.

To unlock the pet adoption feature you need to reach at least town rank E. There are various types of indoor beds available for your pets but only one outdoor type bed is the “Pet House. The pet house costs a whooping 3000 coral coins, so for starters, you can buy an indoor bed.

The indoor pet bed comes in different colors and themes and these are:

  • Dog Theme
  • Cat Theme
  • Fox Theme
  • Bunny Theme
  • Lizard Theme

All of the indoor pet bed costs 500 coral coins and after purchasing them place them inside your house. Then you can finally adopt a pet among various animals. Each of these animals will have a name that you can change after adoption. You cannot adopt more than one pet at once. The list of all pets available is as follows:

  • Cat – Bast, Frankie, Gary Kun, Kimba, Kitkat, Malcolm, Mr Fluff, Omar, Trinket
  • Dog – Bode, Geddy, Spike Bonkers, Spiker Doo
  • Rabbit – Copper, Hippeastrum
  • Fox – Cody, Fizz, Inari, Luna
  • Lizard – Lindy

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