Call Of Duty MW3 Zombies 2023 Where To Find Hellhounds


In Call of Duty MW3 Zombies Mode, the open-world setting is literally massive. Amidst contracts, mercenaries, and all sorts of zombies, there’s a secret ally that will simply catch you off guard, the Hellhounds.

As scary as their name sounds the game’s graphics will favor your expectations with the hellhound’s looks. These zombie dogs will mostly act as your foe attacking you but the game allows these beasts to be tamed and petted. In this article, we’ve got the ultimate guide to unravel all your burning questions about these lethal companions.

Call Of Duty MW3 Zombies 2023 Where To Find Hellhounds

To pet a Hellhound, you will need an item called “Chunk Of Flesh”. This item is randomly dropped by killing zombies. Once you have this item, find the dog house icon on the map and visit there. Interact with the dog house, give the chunk of flesh, and a hellhound will appear that can be petted.

Now, Hellhounds are not your average zombie dogs, they’re game-changers in COD MW3 Zombies, offering crucial support to solo players in the heat of action. You can find them in this world, often lurking near Infested areas like Aether Nests and Strongholds. But here’s the catch they can also pop up with other zombie groups whenever a player enters their turf.

So, where do you find these four-legged lethal allies? Hop in a vehicle and take a loop around the main highway on the map, following the bright green route for the best chances. Slowly cruise through each area, scanning both sides of the road for any lurking Hellhounds.

Hellhounds love to make an entrance during Raid Weapon Stash and Escort ACV Contracts, attacking you while you defend the objective. But keep your eyes peeled, as they can also randomly appear in the open world, typically hanging out in Threat Zone Two.

For the inside scoop on Hellhound locations, hover over the contract icons on your map, focusing on Raid Weapon Stash and Escort ACV contracts. Once you spot those Hellhounds, play it safe they’ve got a knack for exploding when they get too close.

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