Spirittea How To Increase Friendship Level With Villagers Fast


Spirittea is a game where you are the only person who can see spirits and will be able to calm them down. You will be in charge of a bathhouse for spirits that need maintenance. The towns people occasionally will be troubled by the spirits whom you need to find and solve their problem. Doing this will unlock new spirits that will visit your bathhouse and increase friendships with the towns people. Below you will find a brief guide on how to increase your friendship level quickly.

Spirittea How To Increase Friendship Level With Villagers Fast

To increase friendship with the villagers, you need to talk with them every day and find out about their hobbies. Each villager has two different types of hobbies such as fishing, cooking, drinking, bug catching, karaoke, digging, hot spring, and much more.

Going karaoke with the villagers increases your friendship level much faster. You can also score more points by getting an S grade to increase your friendship meter quickly. You could interact with some villagers multiple times in a day and keep talking with them to fill up your friendship meter.

There are 3 levels for the friendship meter and after maxing out the meter, you could ask villagers to help you out in maintaining the bathhouse for spirits. You can have a total of up to 4 helpers in the bathhouse.

On Day 4, Wonyon will provide you with a notebook with which you can keep track of all the villagers and their hobbies. In this game, you will have a pet dog called “Jan”. You can interact with Jan to either pet or ask for help to find any villager.

To ask for help, interact with Jan and select the second option “Find Townsfolk”. In this game, there are no gift-giving features so all you can rely on to increase your friendship meter is to do hobbies together and have friendly conversations daily to know about each other.

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