Roboquest Chromatic Cell Location & How To Get


In Roboquest latest update a new class has been added called “Elementalist”. To unlock this class, you will have to need an item called Chromatic Cell. The Chromatic Cell can be found behind a locked door. There are two methods through which you can obtain the code to unlock the door. Below you will find a complete walkthrough on how to find Chromatic Cell and unlock the new class Elementalist.

Roboquest Chromatic Cell Location & How To Get

Chromatic Cell can be found inside a locked door at the start of the Energy Center. To unlock this code you will need a 6-digit key. The key can be found inside the “Tech Lab” door at the Energy Center checkpoint area. Inside you can find a screen with 2 numbers displayed out of 6.

You need the Tech Lab key to unlock the door and find the remaining 4 numbers. Otherwise, with each new run, you will find two new numbers that can be seen from outside the room through the glass. The whole 6 number will remain the same for every game and run.

To find the Tech Lab key, you will have to find a corrupted area called “Doom Garden”. To find the door to travel to the Doom Garden, you will have to unlock the “Tech Room”. You will find this room in the “Fields” checkpoint area.

To find the Tech Room key, you need to visit the Quarry orange secret area. There you will find lasers blocking your path at the entrance. You can check our previous on how to deactivate the lasers in Ruin’s secret area. Inside the secret area, you will find the Tech Room Key.

Now progress the game till you reach the Fields Checkpoint and unlock the Tech Room. Inside you will find a data log, health bot, and locked door that can be opened by using 25 Powercells. There you will find the door to travel to Doom Garden.

Doom Garden is a time trail map where you need to reach the end of the area before the time runs out. You can shoot down enemies to obtain yellow orbs that can increase the timer. After completing Doom Garden, you will find the Tech Lab key at the Aqua Station even if you fail the time trial.

This Tech Lab Key can be used at the locked door in the Energy Center. Inside you will find a machine with an elemental orb. This elemental orb color can be changed by shooting elemental ammo. Each time you change the elemental orb color, the number on the display screen with change.

After finding out all 6 numbers, start a new run and at the start of the Energy Center, look back to find a locked door and keypad to enter 6 digit number. Unlock the door and inside you will find the Chromatic Cell.

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