Microcivilization – How To Let The Game Auto Run

MicrocivilizationMicrocivilization is a base building and resource management game that uses an incremental clicker strategy. Clicking on Food increases Growth whereas clicking on Logs increases more Free Space by building Hut. This is the basics of the game and at each and every stage of the game, mouse-clicking is a crucial feature that allows you to speed up the game’s progress. So, the question that arises would be how to let the game auto-run or if is it even possible to let the game run fully automatically.

How To Let The Game Auto Run In Microcivilization?

Researching new Techs allows you to gain buffs such as +x amount of clicks or +x amount of auto resource generation. However, the main feature and sole source of resource generation still relies on clicking your mouse button. Therefore it would be beneficial to enable the in-game feature i.e. Auto Run to generate the desired resources in a single push of a button.

Open the Controls in-game and choose the button you want to assign or press the default button for these two important settings i.e.:

  • Hold To Click Food- A
  • Hold To Click Material- S

This will auto-generate the resources by holding the button indefinitely. To speed up the process in the later game, you can press the “+” key to speed up the game. Progress the game and explore the World Map at a rapid rate. Instead of enabling a third-party auto clicker, the game allows you to generate the food automatically which was a nice addition to it.

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