COD MW3 Zombies 2023- Location For Disciple Contract Camo

COD MW3In COD MW3 Zombies PvE experience has been an absolute banger. Joining squads of 3 and forming a party of 6 players makes the game more entertaining. Even the challenges get harder as you progress ahead. There are few daily challenges or even bounty challenges that require you to locate and eliminate the Disciple.

So, as there are no known locations mentioned in the contract to complete the camo challenge regarding Disciple. Players are searching and wandering around the huge map in search of Disciple specifically. Therefore, if you are also one of those who are wondering where can we find these Disciples then worry no more as we have explained everything you need to know about Disciple.

Location For Disciple Camo Contract In COD MW3 Zombies

The zones and areas are divided into different threat levels. The orange zone area which is a Medium Threat Level is where you can find the Disciple. They can usually be found usually at city areas, or areas that have infrastructure such as factories and cargo areas. Zombies and such Disciple spawn randomly, however, you will bound to find one if you look around driving named areas.

In a Bounty Challenge, the location of Disciple will be shown to you if you accept the challenge. Also, there is a Camo Challenge that also requires you to hunt and eliminate the Disciples. To make the situation worse, the Bounty Challenge which involves hunting Disciple down will not count toward the Camo Challenge.

Disciples are one tough opponent paired with a horde of zombies. They can tank well, are agile, and heal themselves. The most annoying part of dealing with Disciple is that it can empower the zombies to get more aggressive which keeps you on your toes. Energy Mine deals huge damage if you manage to lure him into the explosion.

Be prepared as this is just the beginning of an apocalypse. For more informative guides on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, check the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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