Sanabi- How To Get Good And Bad Endings

SanabiSanabi is a stylish dystopian action-platformer game. In the cyberpunk adventure, make your way across the final stage to defeat the powerful enemies of each floor. As a legendary veteran with a prosthetic arm, reveal all the corporate secrets i.e. hidden within the city. As a war machine, you dictate the story’s progress which will lead you to two endings that the game has to offer.

The first and fastest ending you can get is the Bad Ending. For the Good Ending, there is another chapter where you will reunite with someone special. To learn all the endings we have compiled a small guide to assist you when you have to make the decision that will lead you to separate endings.

How To Get Bad Ending In Sanabi

After terminating the data where ERROR appears on the big red screen. You will meet Mari who will tell you that she found the whereabouts of Sanabi. It is downstairs which she is referring to as an option that you need to make ahead.

Once the final protocol has begun i.e. execution of all the Mago Executives, Major Song will come to pick Mari. There she will save your life and emphasize entering the basement and learn everything about Sanabi.

Given the choice to select which stair to choose in Chapter 4, Part 6. Select the option “Going Down” after getting close to the stairs where the red light is coming from downstairs. The game will end leading you to one of the endings which is deemed to be a bad one where only annihilation awaits.

How To Get Good Ending

Once given a choice in Chapter 4, Part 6. Select the option “Going Up” after approaching the stair that has a bright light falling down from upstairs. Continue the game progress and you will ultimately reach a good ending.

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