Roboquest Location Of All Gadget & How To Get Them


Roboquest is a rogue-like shooting game that has many hidden secret areas that you can unlock. In these areas, you will find gadgets that will boost your character during the gameplay. There are 10 gadgets in this game that you can unlock by finding them in various areas. You can activate or deactivate these gadgets from the gadget rack before starting the game. Below you will find the list of all the gadgets and how to unlock them in Roboquest.

Roboquest Location Of All Gadgets & How To Get Them

List Of All Gadgets available to unlock in Roboquest:

Battery Burger

In the Canyon area, you will find a buddy bot as shown in the image above. It can be spawned randomly anywhere on the map before the Oasis checkpoint. You need to go near the bot and press E to pick it up. Do not destroy the bot or you won’t be able to open the secret door.

Now after crossing the canyon when you reach the Oasis area, on the left side, you will find the waterfall. Behind the waterfall is a locked door that can only be opened if you have the buddy bot in your hand. Inside the locked door you will find the “Swim Trunks”.

Now enter the Oasis golden/secret area and on the right side, you will find the waterfall shown in the above image. Behind the waterfall is a hidden sanctuary where you will find a robot that will exchange the swim trunks for the “Battery Burger” gadget.

Business Briefcase

In the ruins area, you will find this small robot whom you need to give powercell in exchange for the gadget “Business Briefcase”.

Pogo Stick

In the quarry area in front of the purple door, you will find a small robot on the elevated platform. You need to reach the robot and interact with it to obtain the “Pogo Stick” gadget.

Explorer Slipper

In the Canyon area, in front of the purple door, you need to use your shovel to dig out the “Explorer Slipper” gadget.


After completing the first part of the canyon, you will meet an old robot in the checkpoint who asks for data logs. Collect 5 data logs and exchange them with the “Roller” gadget from the old robot.

Metal Detector

After collecting 35 data logs, exchange them with the “Metal Detector” gadget from the old robot.

Cooking Gloves

In the field map’s checkpoint area, you will meet another old robot who will ask you to show a specific type of gun. If you have that gun in your hand, you can unlock the “Cooking Gloves” gadget.

Hero Cape

In the Aqua Station map checkpoint area, you will find an ice cube near all the NPC. Use the power fist weapon on the ice cube to melt it and obtain the “Hero Cape” gadget.


In the fusion core checkpoint area, you need to complete an obstacle course to find an item called “Randy Nose”. This item is important to obtain the jetpack gadget. At the end of the pit area before the final boss, you will find an item called “Cinema Ticket”.

To reach the Pit area, you will have to unlock the Quarry Golden/Secret area. To code to unlock the door to the secret area will be beside the entrance of the quarry main door in the Oasis area checkpoint.

To open the Quarry door you will need the quarry key that you can find inside the tech room. The tech room key can be found in the secret area of the Ruins. To find the tech room, you need to reach the Field area checkpoint. You can check out our previous guide on how to open the laser gates of Ruins’ secret area.

Now all you need to do is start another run and go to Haven City where you need to defeat 4 mini boss to cross the area. In that city, you will find a cinema shop that you can enter using the ticket. Inside the shop, you will find a small robot to whom you can give “Randy Nose” to unlock the jetpack gadget.

Grappling Hook

Roboquest secret area code

In Haven City, golden/secret of the map on the left side you will find a secret entrance to a cave. The door will be locked and can be unlocked using the combination of colors as shown in the image above.

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