Roboquest- How To Unlock All Characters/Classes

RoboquestRoboquest is a fast-paced FPS rogue-lite game where hordes of enemies will spawn in an ever-changing environment. Played solo or co-op the game provides diversity in each run. If you are tired of playing as the same guardian or character and want to spice up your run, then here’s how to unlock all the Characters or Guardian classes quickly.

How To Unlock All Character/Classes Fast In Roboquest

In Roboquest there are 6 playable characters or Guardian classes of which 5 are locked from the beginning. To unlock all the other guardian classes, follow the instructions.

Commando Class: Unlocked by Taking Down 750 Enemies

This is the most straightforward way to unlock this class. Simply play the game and this class will be unlocked without any obstacle.

Ranger Class: Unlocked By Finding The Lost Javelin

To unlock this class, you will need to find a lost Javelin i.e. found in the Oasis. After starting the run, go to the safe zone or rest area and select to enter the Oasis. Start exploring and eliminating all the bots. There will be a yellow-colored area where you have to enter the waterfall to discover a hidden sanctuary. In this area, you will find the lost javelin.

Recon Class: Unlocked By Taking Down A Boss In Chapter 2

As per the description, you will need to reach Chapter 2 and defeat the boss to unlock this class. To unlock it fast, play at the lowest difficulty.

Engineer Class: Unlocked By Upgrading Your Basecamp To Level 4

As per the description, this class will be unlocked eventually when the Basecamp’s Level reaches 4. To unlock it quickly, play at the lowest difficulty to collect wrenches. Why not normal or hard difficulty? This way you can at least complete each Chapter with higher rank and fast.

Elementalist Class: Unlocked By Finding The Chromatic Cell

To unlock this class, you will need to find a Chromatic Cell i.e. found in the Energy Center. After defeating the first boss, in the Fields; you will need to get to the Energy Center.

Inside the Energy Center, you will find a door that needs a password to unlock. To find the password, you will have to continue the run and enter the rest area. Inside the rest area look around and you will find the password digits inside a glass panel that holds a glowing orb. Only two digits will be revealed each run.

So, start the run and play for more than 1 run in order to reveal all the digits. Make sure you are noting down the password. Otherwise after getting 4 digits, you can try to use all 00-99 numeral numbers to fill in the missing digits as there are no penalties for it. Finally, collect the Chromatic Cell to unlock the Elementalist Class.

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