Roblox Anime Champions Simulator- How To Fight Star Devourer

Roblox Anime Champions SimulatorThe new update of Roblox Anime Champions Simulator has brought us a new challenge “Star Devourer“. To complete one of the quests i.e. “Tailed Beast“, you will be required to complete a set of tasks. This will include you fighting Star Devourer 5 times. However, the location of the Star Devourer is not mentioned or marked on the map. So, where can we find the Star Devourer?

How To Fight Star Devourer In Roblox Anime Champions Simulator?

To find Star Devourer, travel or teleport back to the Champion City. In front of the Tower, there would be a portal that says “Star Devourer Challenge” which is none other than what we are searching for. Enter the portal and start the challenge. Each day you will have limited attempts so, make sure that you deal the maximum amount of damage and get rewards based on it.

How To Get Max Damage Out Of Your Build?

As the challenge involves a reward based on your total damage output at the end, make sure that you have Damage Boost activated under Items (if you have any). Next start the attack and set “Auto Attack” to turn off. This will allow you to get out of the attack radius and your characters will not stop attacking. This is very useful to dodge incoming attacks from the Star Devourer which will stun the player and your characters.

Start and complete the challenge 5 times to complete the requirement to proceed ahead. Rest quests are straightforward i.e.

  • Complete a Raid 15 times
  • Open Orbs 15k
  • Any enemy 3k

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