Risk of Rain Returns Unlock Secret Survivor ROBOMANDO

Risk Of Rain Returns

In Risk Of Rain Returns, there are 15 characters out of which 13 are available to unlock. But there is one extra secret character called “ROBOMANDO” that requires completing certain objectives to unlock. The ROBOMANDO skills are:

  • Single Fire – Shoot once for 60% damage.
  • De-Escalate – Fire a small electrical charge that pierces enemies for 180% damage and stunning them.
  • Evasive Maneuver – Dive forward a small distance.
  • Re-Wire – Re-wire a mechanical object, activating it for free.

Below you will find steps on how to unlock this secret character quickly.

Risk of Rain Returns Unlock Secret Survivor ROBOMANDO

To unlock the secret character ROBOMANDO, you will have to use a high-mobility character or get items that increase your damage and speed. Progress the game till you reach stage 5, now depending on the stage 5 variant you need to go far left or far right side. You will find this container in the “Drizzle” difficulty.

Climb to the top of the temple and jump to the other side. There you will find a container that you need to break as shown in the image above. Inside the container, you will find the battery. Now you need to take the battery to the final level.

In the final stage, you will have to explore the map finding a golden container or killing enemies to find a keycard that opens locked security doors. After acquiring the keycard, use the ladder at the center of the map to go down and open the cabin’s locked doors.

Go through the cabin door till you reach outside and jump from the cliff to find a secret area like a cave on the left side. There you will find some NPC with a boombox dancing. There you will find a secret hole through which you can go towards the left side to find an equipment chest. You need to put the battery inside the equipment chest and start a new run.

You need to start the new run either in “Rainstorm” or “Monsoon” difficulty. After starting the new run, you will have to find the same equipment chest with the battery in stage 2. Open the equipment chest, obtain the battery, and clear stages 2 and 3. You need to clear all 3 stages before 22 minutes because you need to use the stage 3 teleporter exactly or after 22 minutes.

If you have done all the steps successfully, you will find a small deactivated robot in stage 4. You can easily find him by exploring the map as it will have a green arrow mark on top as shown in the image above. Place the battery on the deactivated suit to activate it and let the robot kill you to complete the challenge and unlock the secret character “ROBOMANDO”.

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