Lethal Company Radar Boosters Guide & Terminal Command

Lethal Company

The Lethal Company The Autumnal Update – Version 40, has just arrived and with it new enemies, items, and bug fixes. In the latest update players have been introduced with Inverse Teleporter and an item called Radar Booster. There has been some relief to the players as there have been some changes to the monsters.

The forest giants will now drop players if stunned by crewmates while trying to eat a player. The Manticoils and Eyeless dogs can be killed now but still, you need to be careful around them. Below you will find a brief guide on how the Radar Booster works and its terminal command.

Lethal Company Radar Boosters Guide & Terminal Command

Radar Boosters act as stationary cameras and waypoints, you can place the radar booster anywhere and then view it from the ship’s radar. Each radar booster will have a unique name and the player can access them by typing “switch (Radar booster name)“.

This way you can switch between players and radar boosters to keep a lookout for any enemies sneaking from behind. These radar boosters can be helpful in detecting enemies with a red dot. You can find the radar name by placing them on the ground and using your scanner.

Radar booster also acts as a waypoint point, that can make a “Hello” sound for all crewmates to hear and assemble. To play the radar booster sound, you need to enter “ping (radar booster name)” in the terminal.

Radar Boosters can be bought from the Company store which costs 50. To buy items from the store you need to access the terminal. There enter the command Store and scroll down to find the item you want to buy. Once you find the item, type the item name and then confirm.

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