Lethal Company- Girl In The Red Dress Ghost

Lethal CompanyLethal Company is a co-op horror survival game where at distant moon, you are tasked with collecting all the valuable scraps. These scraps can be sold back to meet the profit quota. Well, everything seems fine even if you encounter different types of monsters on the moon, as it is understandable. However, we are not trained to fight against a ghost or a girl in the red dress. The job description does not mention any of these suspicious activities.

Girl In The Red Dress Ghost At Lethal Company

Legends who have survived the encounter with the Girl in Red Dress aka Ghost in the Red Dress, often described her as terrifying. Only the person who is haunted by the “girl in the red dress” can see and feel her presence. The light humming sound of a woman and the flicker of a flashlight will indicate the presence of a supernatural being.

The person who is haunted needs to run away in safety. Well, if you are considering running outside the facility to save yourself then it’s no use. She can come outside and even enter the ship to haunt you until you are dead. Once the victim who has been marked by the ghost in the red dress is dead, she will switch the target and haunt another victim till no one is alive.

The best course of action is to simply run away from the moon after a small chase or sighting. If you consider doing some cardio, let it chase you for a while like a maniac. Death is inevitable, and no place is safe. Watching from another perspective is always funny until you are the one who is haunted. The legends have said that Flashbang works on it, at least it works on yourself and impairs your vision. I specifically do not want to see her creeping towards me with her long athletic feet.

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