Lethal Company- All Equipment Guide & What Do You Need First?

Lethal CompanyIn Lethal Company as an intern or employee, the work is more deadly than ever. Collecting scraps is not a mere task that too at an unknown civilization where unprecedented attacks can occur. Many lives have been lost as they are caught off guard. Even interns who are not able to select and fully utilize the tools incur heavy losses. To minimize the safety hazards, one must know all the equipments and tools list as well as how its used.

All Equipment Guide Of Lethal Company

There are a bunch of equipment and upgrades that can be purchased from the store if you have enough credits in your pocket. A few items can also be found on the moon while in search of precious scraps. All the list of equipment and its use are explained below:

  1. Boombox: It is a device that plays music. It is used to navigate your way toward a discovered exit with the help of sound cues.
  2. Extension Ladder: It is a tool i.e. used to bridge the gap and climb on a platform at an extended height. It can also be used to cross over Fall Hazards.
  3. Flashlight: It is a device to light up an area. Purchasable from the store, it is a must-item at the beginning if you want vision inside the dark facility.
  4. Inverse Teleporter: Allow to teleport players in a random location on the moon. The only downside is that will not be able to possess any item.
  5. Jetpack: It is equipment that can be used to fly off vertically. However, keep an eye on the overheating system for your safety.
  6. Key: It is a type of tool i.e. used to unlock locked doors. The key cannot be purchased from the store, the only way is to find a Key during the expedition. It is a consumable item, so you can only use it once.
  7. Laser Pointer: It cannot be purchased from the store. This item will be obtained in the abandoned facility at random moons. It works exactly as you think i.e. a small beam of laser will be emitted out to light up a small area.
  8. Lock Picker: It is a tool i.e. used to lock pick the locked doors inside the facility. It is reusable, so make sure that after lockpicking the door, pick up the Lock Picker if you do not want to lose it. The only downside is that it takes too long to lockpick i.e. estimated around 25-30 seconds.
  9. Loud Horn: It is a ship upgrade that allows you to emit loud noise from the main ship to attract all the nearby fauna and creatures.
  10. Pro Flashlight: It is a better version of flashlight, hence pro. The Pro Flashlight has a better and wider range. It is a must-have item.
  11. Radar Booster: It is a tool i.e. used to ping the location when it’s deployed for better navigation.
  12. Shovel: A basic weapon that allows you to deal with smaller enemies except the girl/ghost in a red dress. Shovel can also be used on the turrets.
  13. Stop Sign: The Stop sign can only be obtained in the wilderness i.e. at an abandoned facility on the moon. It is a type of melee weapon i.e. used similar to a Shovel to attack smaller to medium-sized enemies.
  14. Stun Grenade: It is a throwable weapon i.e. used to stun enemies at close proximity. It will stun any enemy for at least 5 seconds which is ample of time to outrun any dangerous creatures that lurk in the vicinity.
  15. Teleporter: It is a ship upgrade i.e. used to teleport a player back to the ship when you are in a dire state or the situation demands it. Be aware, that all the items you are holding will be left in the last place from where you got abducted by your teammate.
  16. TZP Inhalant: At the expense of vision, you can gain stamina and speed buff to outrun creatures in the open or dark.
  17. Walkie-Talkie: It is a communication device that can be used to talk among players who own it. The noise can attract unwanted attention in the dark.
  18. Yield Sign: It is a type of melee weapon i.e. used to fight off against creatures in the dark and it is known to deal more damage than a shovel. The Yield Sign cannot be purchased and can be obtained in the same way as we obtain Key, and Stop sign.
  19. Zap Gun: It is a gadget i.e. used offensively on the creatures to stun them for a brief to longer duration in close proximity.

What Equipments, You Might Need To Consider Unlocking Quickly

Among all the various options, the starter kit you might need to consider from the beginning would be for the obvious reasons i.e. affordable price and the service:

  • Flashlight
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Pro-Flashlight
  • Shovel
  • Lock Picker

Later you can go for the ship upgrades such as Teleporter and Loud Horn as you venture around tough moons. Boombox and Radar Booster should be considered to navigate easily in the facility.

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