Gatekeeper Infinity Unlock Pandora & Bastion Characters

Gatekeeper Infinity

Gatekeeper Infinity is a fast-paced rogue-lite top-down shooting game developed by Gravity Lagoon. In this game, you take control of one of the 4 unique characters, fight against enemies, and complete objectives to clear the stages. Each character has their own unique set of skills. Below you will find how to unlock two characters called “Pandora” and “Bastion”.

Gatekeeper Infinity How To Unlock Pandora & Skills

To unlock Pandora, you will have to progress the game till you reach stage 10. You can either play solo mode or co-op with your friends. Once the main boss of stage 10 is defeated you need to find an orange portal. Reach the orange portal and interact with it to activate the “Apotheosis” and you will unlock the character “Pandora”.

Pandora’s abilities are:

  • Luminary – Shoots concentrated light projectiles.
  • Emission – Shoots a straight-line impulse that instantly deals 500% damage.
  • Healing Dash – At the end of the dash create a healing area that heals all the Gatekeepers for 8% health per second for a total of 5 seconds.
  • Lightning Conductor – Deal an AOE area damage with a radius of 9 units. The enemies inside the area get 400% damage per second for 5 seconds.
  • Haunting Luminary – The primary projectiles have a 25% chance to bounce between random enemies within 13 unit targets.

Gatekeeper Infinity How To Unlock Bastion & Skills

To unlock Bastion, you will need 10 Omni Stones. Complete 1 or 2 runs with another character to obtain these stones as they stay with you even after the game ends. After that, you need to find the Hammer Of Dawn shrine and activate using 10 omni stones. The location of the shrine can be random but could appear in the Stage 15 Forest area.

Bastion’s abilities are:

  • Dawnbreaker – Two-hand hammer strike attack that deals +100% damage to stunned enemies.
  • Earthshatter – Strike the ground to deal area damage around him.
  • Valiant charge – Dash in the direction of movement that deals 200% damage to everyone it passes through.
  • Roar – Stuns enemies for 3 seconds in a 20-unit radius.
  • Rising Fury – For every unit inside a 10-unit radius increases the damage by 10%, if the Siren is within the radius, the damage is increased by 100%.

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