Strike Force Heroes- How To Get All Class & Rare Community Feat

Strike Force HeroesIn Strike Force Heroes there is a whole new Tab that deals with Feat. After reaching a certain milestone or performing a specific action with the specific character class, you can claim Feats. The hardest ones to pull off naturally in each Class Feat and Community Feat are explained in this guide. To complete most of the Feat requires you to enter the campaign.

How To Get All Class & Secret Feat In Strike Force Heroes?

Class Related Feat
Stick To Salad: As the Tank, block the force of mother nature for a while.

To get this feat, enter the Caves as a Tank. Go to the lowest platform in the C zone. You will notice the geyser on the land i.e. blasting out the water vertically accompanied with steam. Block the hole and do not let any high-pressure water or steam flow out for 10-15 seconds. Successfully performed action will complete this class feat.

Over Hydration: As the Commando, prove that eveen too much water is a bad thing.

To get this feat, you will need to go to Tropic as a Commando. Under the bridge, you can go down and hold the crouch button for 5 seconds to submerge your face in water. You will die due to suffocation which will reward you with a class Feat “Over Hydration“.

Dodge This: As the Assassin, feel the heat during your biggest moment.

To get this Feat, you will need to go to Foundry. Play as an Assassin and activate your streak to die from the molten lava i.e. poured out from the top. Jump back and forth to simply die to achieve the class feat.

Holistic Medicine: As the Medic perform a strange resuscitation technique.

To get this Feat, enter the Siege as a Medic (obviously) and advance the floor. Once you drop down from the elevator shaft, there will be a dead scientist on the left side of the floor. Press the Down button multiple times (T-bag) and achieve this class feat.

Community-Related Feat
Why are you even touching this?: Click the poop icon 1000 times.

In the Shop section, at the slot machine if you get poop. Click the icon for 1000 times in order to claim this Feat “Why are you even touching this?” for 1 dollar. xD

It Keeps It Interesting: In 1 life, kill enemies with your Primary, Secondary, while your Streak is activated, while Airborn, and while sliding.

This feat requires you to enter a lobby with your friends to assist each other. Perform all these in order to get the Feat and reward;

  • Kill 1 time with your Primary weapon.
  • Kill 1 time with your Secondary weapon.
  • Once the streak is activated;
  • Deplete the health and perform a killing blow in an airborne state while at the jump.
  • Deplete the health and perform a killing blow while sliding.

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