Lethal Company- How To Use Teleporter & Inverse Teleporter Complete Guide

Lethal CompanyLethal Company is a PvE co-op multiplayer horror game where you are stranded on different moons. The goal is to collect all the valuable scraps you can find in the limited time that has been given and meet the profit quota. Maximizing the profit by getting the full value of each scrap is recommended if you are aiming to earn loads of fortune.

Speaking of fortune, there are various items and ship upgrades that can be used during your Expedition. Teleporter can be purchased from the store, however, the cost is not something you can choose to ignore. Even if players have purchased the Teleporter, they had to figure out how to use the teleporter themselves. Well, not anymore as in this guide we have explained everything you need to know.

How To Use Teleporter In Lethal Company Complete Guide

Before giving you simple directions on how to use the Teleporter, make sure you at least know that the Teleporter will only teleport a person. The scraps or all the valuables will be left on the ground from where you teleport. Therefore, it can be only used as an escape option or to get out of a monster’s grasp before they kill you.

To use the Teleporter, you will need a person to access the Terminal and view radar. Lift off the glass and press the button to teleport the specific person you are monitoring on your screen. The Teleporter can teleport only a person back to the ship and has a 10-second cooldown, which is pretty decent. On the terminal, you can type “Switch” followed by the player’s name to check their radar on the screen.

Note: Even dead player bodies can be retrieved using the Teleporter.

After the recent update, you can even use Inverse Teleporter to teleport to a random location on the map. For that, you will need to be deployed on the Moon. Stand on the pad and use the button to initiate teleportation. Multiple players can use the Inverse Teleporter at the same time, though it will go for a 3.5-minute cooldown before you can use it again. No point in using radar, as you cannot focus or set their destination.

Keep your walkie-talkie with you, and whenever is needed, you can ask to activate the teleporter whoever is operating and monitoring the ship to guide you. The best operators will never leave you alone even in dire situations. For more informative guides on Lethal Company, check the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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