Lethal Company- How To Sell Scrap For Max Profit In Game

Lethal CompanyLethal Company is a PvE online co-op multiplayer game where taking a big step to explore and scavenge scraps from unknown moons is your goal. However, you are not alone as the species of Fauna and natural hazards make your expedition full of danger. During the expedition, we must find and bring scraps to our own ship and store in order to sell and meet our profit quota. So, the problem is where and how to sell these scraps.

How To Sell Scrap In Lethal Company?

We are expected to return the materials we scavenge to the Company. We sell scrap whose value fluctuates greatly. Therefore we would want to get the most out of the conversion rate of scraps to Credits. Most importantly where to sell the scraps?

The scraps can be sold at the company. To go to the company, you will need to Access the Terminal and input “moons” then “company“. After successfully entering the commands, you will make your way to the company.

Pick up the scraps and place them on the window to sell. Ring the bell once or even twice because you do not want to enrage somebody! Sometimes, it will take time to sell the first batch of scrap so wait patiently. Otherwise, your body will be gone into the abyss permanently.

How To Max Profit Ingame?

The percentage shown at the company i.e. “Buying at x%” shows how much value is getting. If it’s 100% then you get the full price. To get the maximum price, you must opt to travel to the company on the last day i.e. when the quota deadline reaches 0.

However, the expedition is full of danger. One way or another many Interns will die in a horrible and funniest way possible. Place all the scraps in your ship even if you are the last one alive. Skip the day and arrive at the company to make the most out of the scraps you and your fellow interns collected.

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