Lethal Company All Monsters, How To Avoid & Counter Them

Lethal Company

In Lethal Company there are various types of monsters you will find in this game that disrupt your scavenging mission and stop you from completing the quota. These monsters can range from passive to super-aggressive. Below you will find the list of all monsters you can find and how to avoid them. Also, check out our previous guide on Lethal Company on how to open doors and deactivate the turret.

Lethal Company All Monsters, How To Avoid & Counter Them

A list of all creatures that can be found in Lethal Company are:

Locusts – The danger level of these monsters is 0% as they are very passive and disperse when you go near them. They are highly attracted to the light.

Manticoils – The danger level of these monsters is 0%. These creatures are harmless and won’t attack you. If you go near them they will fly away. These creatures can be killed in the latest update.

Hygrodere – The danger level of these monsters is 0%. These monsters are blue-colored jelly that move quite slowly. You can jump over them to pass by if they are blocking your path. You can use a boombox to stop their movement but this will also agitate them.

Landmines – As the name suggests they are not monsters but can deal pretty significant damage if you step on them. You can deactivate a landmine from the ship terminal. The player looking at the radar can spot a letter with a number on the screen if a landmine is nearby. Simply enter the letter and number in the terminal to deactivate the landmine for a limited time. To avoid or counter the landmine you need to teleport off to safely detonate the mine.

Hoarding Bug –┬áThe danger level of these monsters is 0%. These bugs can be found indoors hoarding items in their nest. If you try to steal their items, bump into them, or attack them, they will retaliate. But you don’t have to worry much, as they deal a very small amount of damage.

Spore Lizard – The danger level of these monsters might be 5%. These are harmless monsters that run away upon contact. You can recognize these monsters by looking at their tail which will be a purple ball. These monsters deal mild damage and can release spores that turn your screen pink.

Bunker Spiders – The danger level of these monsters is 20%. These monsters are slow and can be jumped over them but be careful of their bite as it can deal a significant amount of damage. Spiders mostly keep spinning webs making their nest, and if you find one while it is making its home, it will freeze. If they have already made their nest, coming in contact with webs will make you slower and the spider start coming towards you. You can remove these webs by swinging a shovel or stop sign.

Snare Flea – The danger level of these monsters is 30%. These worms-looking monsters like to hang on the ceiling until a player reaches near them. After that, they drop down and start chasing. If they reach a player, they will wrap around your head and start sucking out health.

To avoid or counter the snare flea, you will have to hit them with a stop sign or shovel. If they have already latched onto your head, you will need a crewmate to help you else run outside the facility and go outdoors. Going outdoors will instantly kill these monsters as they can’t survive. You can teleport the player who has a snare flea on their head to instantly kill the monster.

Bracken Aka Flower Man – You need to avoid and run for your life if you find one. These monster likes to stay in the dark and you can only see their white glowing eyes. These monsters are tall like humans and have leaves behind their backs.

These monsters like to sneak players from behind, snapping their necks and instantly killing them. To avoid or counter these monsters, keep flashing the torch periodically over them while running away by looking back. Doing this will make the Bracken growl and go back a little. You should only make small glances to make the Bracken go back. The crewmate sitting on the ship’s radar can spot a monster coming from behind.

Thumpers – The danger level of these monsters is 90%. These monsters have the head of a shark and move using two strong hands. They mostly roam in the hallways and make a thumping sound. These monsters are deaf, but if they see a player, they will slowly charge toward him increasing their pace.

You can avoid or counter these monsters by running away and taking turns. In a straight path, these monsters will always catch and kill you. Take as many turns as possible to slow down the monster and escape easily.

Coil-Heads – The danger level of these monsters is 80%. These are the mannequins with a coil attached to the body instead of the neck and a bobblehead. These monsters will attack you if you stop looking at them. When you are looking at them they will stop all movement and will be stationary. Having a crewmate can help you get past them.

They will not attack as long as one of them is looking at it, but they make slight movements. You will be fine as long as you are looking at them, you can also close doors while leaving the room as these monsters have a hard time opening them which will give you some time to get away.

Circuit Bees – The danger level of these monsters is 90%. While these bees can be harmless if you are far away, going near the beehive will trigger the bees and they will start attacking. Stealing the beehive can make these bees go into a destructive mode where they will attack any living creature till the beehive is located or they are exhausted which might take days.

Jester – The danger level of these monsters is 90%. These monsters have legs, hands, and a box for a body. These monsters have three phases while it is harmless during their first and second phases, you have to get out of the facility before they reach the third phase. In the first phase, it will just follow the players around, that is when you should plan the exit route.

During the second phase, it will start a tune by rotating the handle on the box, and once the tune stops it goes into the third phase killing any player inside the facility. After sometimes it will go back to the first phase, so during the second and third phases players can focus or transfer the loot from the facility back to the ship.

Girl Ghost – This monster usually can be seen by only one player whom she haunts. She usually appears and disappears haunting a single player. This enemy doesn’t have a log yet in lethal company and you need to just get away from them as being touched by them instantly kills you. You can hear giggling and heavy breathing noises if you are being haunted. Your screen will also become a little distorted. Once you find her haunting you or a teammate, the best course of action is to leave the moon.

Forest Keeper – The danger level for this monster is 50%. They can be found in the outdoors and can easily be spotted as they make a loud noise. They also have a tall and wide body can easily be noticeable. These monsters cannot be alerted by sounds but by motion, so if they see you, they will start chasing.

The forest keeper can grab you and eat you alive. The best way to avoid or counter them is to keep a low profile and out of their sight. You can teleport out from a forest keeper’s hand but the window to teleport out is small. In the latest update players can save their crew from the forest keeper. The forest keepers will drop the player holding in hand if they are stunned.

Eyeless Dogs – These monsters are blind, so you need to crouch and keep moving slowly while getting past them. If one of them gets a whiff of you, they will alert the other eyeless dogs and everyone will start dashing towards your last known location.

Sounds like mic inputs also alert these monsters, so make sure you remain as quiet as possible. These monsters can instantly kill you if they catch you, but you can look in the direction they are dashing to avoid them. In the latest update, these monsters can be killed

Earth Leviathan – These monsters move outside underground and make a rumbling sound while chasing a player. The only way to find these monsters is by looking at the ship’s radar. These monsters will have the largest red dot on the radar and can easily be identified. To avoid or counter these monsters, you need to drop large items to increase your movement speed and run straight.

Baboon Hawks – These creatures have the body of a baboon and the head and wings of a hawk. They move by hopping like a monkey and emit a screeching monkey sound. If you are in a group, these creatures will fall back a bit. However, if you get too close, they can deal critical damage. This creature has been added in the latest update, and not much is known about it. We will update the guide soon on how to avoid or counter the baboon hawks.

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