COD MW3 2023 Zombies Where To Get More Cryo Ammo


In COD MW3 2023 Zombies mission tier 3 first mission you will have to slow down 50 zombies using the Cryo freeze ammo and slow down 10 hell hounds. To complete this mission, you need to equip the cryo freeze ammo because without this acquisition it won’t be possible to complete it. Below you will find a brief guide on how to get more cryo ammo in case you lose or exhaust your current supply.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies 2023 Where To Get More Cryo Ammo For Freezer Burn Mission

After successfully completing the final mission of Tier 1 in COD MW3 Zombie mode, players are rewarded with the “Cryo Freeze Ammo Acquisition.” This specialized ammunition proves instrumental in tackling the initial mission of Tier 3, aptly named “Freezer Burn.” To equip this acquisition, navigate to your gear menu, click on the + icon next to the backpack, and select the Acquisition stash, where you’ll locate the Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod for activation.

Once equipped, initiate the “Freezer Burn” mission, tasking yourself with slowing down 50 zombies and 10 hell hounds by precisely targeting their legs. Upon fulfilling this objective, players have the option to exfil from the map, thereby successfully completing the mission.

It’s crucial to be aware that failing or dying during the mission results in the loss of the hard-earned Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod. In such cases, players have a couple of avenues for recovery. The primary option involves locating “Aether Cache” within the Infested Stronghold, which is filled with zombies.

Another method entails stumbling upon an Elemental Pop machine. These machines have the potential to randomly dispense elemental ammo mods, albeit at a cost of approximately 2000 Essence, the in-game currency.

It’s worth noting that relying on Elemental Pops is not the recommended means of obtaining Cryo Ammo Mods. The most effective strategy is to search for one inside an Infested Stronghold, particularly if the initially acquired mod from completing “Take Up Arms” is lost.

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