COD MW3 2023 Zombies Where To Find Mercenary Convoy


In COD MW3 2023, the Zombies mode has different missions and these missions are specified into tiers. In this mode, you will dropped into a big map and you need to complete a specific set of missions depending on the mission tier. After completing the objectives you have to Exfil your way out of the map to complete the mission.

The Tier 2 mission of Zombie mode contains only one mission where you need to find and destroy a mercenary convoy and after killing them obtain a keycard dropped by them. This is one of the most difficult missions you might have faced in the Zombie mode yet because finding a mercenary convoy on a big map can be a hassle. Below you will find a brief guide on steps you can take to find this convoy map quickly.

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The optimal method for locating the mercenary convoy involves entering a vehicle and navigating the twin main roads encircling the city. In due course, the mercenary convoy will spawn around you, consisting of three cars resembling armored pickup trucks.

These trucks are distinctly marked in red on the mini-map. It’s worth noting that the twin main road occasionally descends into the level 2 area, heightening the likelihood of encountering the mercenary convoy in this vicinity.

Shooting these armored trucks will stop the mercenary who will get out of the vehicle and start counter-firing. There will be around 10-12 mercenaries whom you need to kill. Once killed, one of them will drop the keycard that you need to pick up and Exfil. Make sure to destroy at least one of the armored trucks to complete the objective.

Note: Sometimes the mission gets bugged and even if you have destroyed the convoy or picked up the keycard it won’t be counted. In this case, you need to restart the game and try the mission again.

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