Risk Of Rain Returns Providence Trails Explained

Risk Of Rain Returns

Compared to its predecessors, Risk of Rain Returns is an improvement since it presents new obstacles and survivors. Providence Trails is an entirely novel game mode that will put your talents to the test to win rewards.

It will take some time and work to unlock the Providence Trails, but don’t worry we’ve got the instructions you need. We’ll learn how to access the Providence Trails in Risk of Rain Returns in this guide. Providence may be familiar to seasoned players from the original game as the last boss.

These Trials are a brand-new game mode that puts your abilities to the test and pays you for your efforts, included in the updated version of Risk of Rain Returns.

Risk Of Rain Returns Providence Trails Explained

Playable at any point in the main game, Providence Trails offers you mini-challenges. Certain survivors must be played to complete the challenges; as such, when you unlock a survivor, you will also unlock their mini-challenge.

To access new trails, you must also finish any earlier ones. The tasks offered will put the survivor’s agility and skill to the test; they serve as a kind of training for new abilities or skills that can be acquired at the trial’s conclusion.

Each character has a distinct trail that they must follow to acquire new skills for that character, a new set of guidelines and gear for your character is introduced with each Trial. Some focus on combat skills, some are centered on surviving long enough, while some test your movement in a speedrun style of gaming. Usually, they center around the skill or object that they will discover.

Securing a new Survivor within the game is your first job before you may access Providence Trials. At first, you will be able to select between Huntress and Commando. Battle your way through the desolate forest to find your first Survivor. When you reach that goal, the Providence Trials area of the Main Menu will open, beckoning you to take on its mini-tasks.

You’ll encounter about 40 distinct obstacles in Providence Trials, each of which will highlight a different set of survivor skills. Not every trial is instantly accessible, but the Trial menu is ready for you to choose from. Just as in a progress tree, you must first finish the ‘A Colossal Feat’ trial at the top to unlock the following trials.

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