Risk Of Rain Returns How To Find Artifact Of Glass

Risk Of Rain Returns

In Risk Of Rain Returns, there are various types of artifacts that could change the playing style of the game. One such artifact you can find in the third stage is the Artifact Of Glass. This artifact increases your damage output to 500% but lowers your health to 10%. With this artifact, you can kill all the enemies easily but make sure to dodge their attacks. Below you will find a brief guide on how to obtain this artifact.

Risk Of Rain Returns How To Find Artifact of Glass

To obtain the Artifact Of Glass, you will have to activate five switches quickly on the map “Ancient Valley”. This map is covered in snow and is one of the two random maps for the third stage. This stage has two variants, and to know you are in the right one, go to the bottom left part of the map to find the artifact shrine.

If the shrine is located in that area, you are in the correct variant. Come out of the shrine area and you will find a chain to go up the mountain. Keep climbing up till you reach an area with 3-4 platforms and multiple chains hanging from the middle platform.

On the left side wall inside the mountain, you can also find some gaps. Stand on the middle platform the longest one, and go inside the mountain through a secret passage. Keep progressing this secret passage till you reach the area shown in the image below.

Here you will find five switches as shown in the image above. The final switch will be on the bottom side. You need to activate these switches by hitting them quickly as there will be a hidden time limit. If you successfully activate all the switches, you will hear a sound. Now you have to go back to the Artifact Shrine and collect the Artiface of Glass.

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