Lethal Company How To Open Doors & Deactivate Turrets.

Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a co-op horror scavenging game developed by Zeekerss. In this game, you are contracted to scavenge items on different moons using your ship by the company called “Company”. There are various types of enemies you will encounter on different moons that you need to avoid.

After Scavenging these materials you will be able to sell them and meet the company profit quota. Whatever money you are left with either upgrade your ship or buy a fancy suit. In this co-op game, you need to rely on your teammates who can guide you by using the ship terminal and radar.

Your teammate can tell you the location of the traps as well as any enemy lurking from behind. While exploring any abandoned facility you may find various locked doors. Some of these doors require a key while other big numbered doors can be opened from the ship terminal. Below you will find how to open these numbered locked doors.

Lethal Company How To Open Doors

To open the big numbered locked door, one of your teammates needs to stay on the ship terminal. Your teammate needs to open the terminal and type “View Radar”. On the radar, you need to look out for the number on these locked doors. Usually, it is a letter with a number associated. Type this number into the terminal and it will open the door.

To change the view of the terminal you can enter “Switch” and player name. Sometimes, the terminal might show the player who is on the ship, rather than the one on the moon in front of the locked door. You can also click on the switch camera button (white color) on the left side of the radar screen after the latest update. If the locked door has the number “g5”, you need to enter g5 in the terminal for it to open.

Similarly, the turrets and landmines can also be deactivated by entering the number in the terminal. The numbers for landmines and turrets will be shown to the crewmate looking at the radar or by scanning them. The letter and number can be found on the locked door to the player looking at it, as well as the player sitting on the radar. The player on the radar can find the letter and number in a green or red box. You simply type the letter and the number to open the door, deactivate the turret, and landmine.

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