Genshin Impact- Through The Looking Glass Location (6 Paintings)

Genshin ImpactAfter completing the World Quest “Wake of Narcissus” in Genshin Impact, the next quest that will be unlocked is “Through The Looking Glass” which requires you to interact with 6 looking glasses in underwater ruins and complete each puzzle. However, you will need to find all 6 glass/mirror/paintings i.e. hidden whereas lit the paintings in order to enter it. How to do all that?

All 6 Paintings/Mirror Locations in Genshin Impact

Assuming you have completed the previous World Quests i.e. “Book Of Esoteric Revelations“, “In The Wake of Narcissus“, and “Search in the Algae Sea“. Once the quest is unlocked, you will have to search for the Looking Glass. You will come across these mirrors while completing the said world quests. The underwater area is vast, so the map shown in the image below can be used as a reference to where you can find all 6 paintings/mirrors/glass.

Note: Complete and collect all 12 Enigmatic Pages if your mirrors aka Looking Glass are not glowing.

Genshin Impact

Mirror Puzzle Solution

1. The area marked 1 on the image at Orthant of Memory contains a looking glass. Enter the chamber where the large machine in the middle is found. Swim up to look around where you can find one of the looking glasses.

  • Enter the Looking Glass and defeat all the enemies to complete the first puzzle. The glowing fish will swim and enter the mirror on the wall which will conclude the first glass.

2. At Fort Charybdis Ruins In marked area 2, descend down the stairs, and beside the lift, you will find the second glass mirror.

  • Enter the Looking Glass and eliminate all the enemies. The Remarkable Chest will be accessible, which after unlocking it will solve the puzzle.

3. Exit through the previous mirror 2 and use the lift to go downwards. After locating the large machine in the middle, move towards the East and use the Lift to go down another floor. Advance forward to the marked location 3 where you will find the Looking Glass on the floor.

  • Enter the Looking Glass and eliminate all the enemies to complete this part of the mirror puzzle.

4. At marked area 4, enter the tower and go to the center where you must have collected the Chest. Enter the lift that will teleport you to the library. In this area, you will be able to find the Looking Glass placed on the wall.

  • Enter the Looking Glass and simply open the Exquisite Chest to complete the part of the current mirror’s puzzle when the glowing fish is released.

5. At Orthant of Persona the mirror can be found straight forward on your path where the first device is placed in the marked area 5

  • Enter the Looking Glass and eliminate the enemies to unlock the Exquisite Chest. After opening the chest, the glowing fish will swim to its designated mirror. Hence, completing the puzzle.

6. Complete the “Search in the Algae Sea” World Quest. Then, check the area marked 6 on the image. The looking glass will be placed on the wall at the marked location which is unmissable.

  • Enter the Looking Glass and the room you will be teleported to, will have a puzzle that involves Pyro characters. Simply lit up the two torches i.e. placed in front of the mirror that reflects sunflower.

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