Risk Of Rain Returns Artifact Of Sacrifice How To Get

Risk Of Rain Returns

In Risk Of Rain Returns, there are various artifacts that could help your gameplay with each run. To unlock these artifacts, you need to find them while exploring the maps. One of the artifacts you will find in the “Magama Barracks” is the Artifact Of Sacrifice.

This artifact makes the chests disappear and the only way to get items is by killing the enemies that might drop them randomly. With this artifact you don’t have to worry about finding a white chest, you just need to find a lot of enemies and kill them. Below is a brief guide on how to unlock the Artifact Of Sacrifice.

Risk Of Rain Returns How To Unlock Artifact Of Sacrifice

To unlock the Artifact of Sacrifice, you must reach a map called “Magma Barracks”. This map has two variants where in one you can find the mini-boss Direseeker. The other variant of this map will have the Artifact Of Sacrifice.

In this variant, you need to explore the map and find three switches. These switches will be inside the walls that you can’t reach and the only way to activate them is by using a weapon that has the piercing ability and go through walls. You can use characters like Loader’s M440 Conduit, Bandit’s Dynamite, or Huntress Cluster Bomb.

You can unlock the Huntress Cluster bomb from the Providence trails. In this trail, you need to climb to the teleporter using Warp Darts to reach the teleporter. The first switch is located on the top left side of the map, second switch is on the top right side.

To find the final switch, you need to fall down from the left side of the four pillars and while falling you can find the switch on your right. You need to use a photon jetpack to get some time to hit the switch while falling.

Otherwise, you can use the Hopoo Feather to double jump just while reaching the switch. The switches will be turned red after getting hit and once all the switched have been activated, go to the bottom left side of the map to find the Artifact Of Sacrifice.

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