Genshin Impact Savior’s Wake Puzzle Solution

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact Savior’s Wake, you need to reach the bottom of the tower, activate the mechanism, and submerge the tower in the water. This is the second sub-quest of the main quest “In the Wake of Narcissus”. In this quest, you will have to rotate the beam of the mechanical rotating gear to activate the doors. Below you will find how to complete the quest and decode the beam puzzles.

Genshin Impact Savior’s Wake Puzzle Solution

First, you need to align the beam to the blue sockets to activate the teleport waypoint. After using the teleport go to the lower level of the tower. There you will find anathor teleport waypoint that you need to use. Once inside the tower, you will have to fight the enemies to activate the mechanical gear.

After defeating the enemies use the activated mechanism to rotate the beam to the socket and open the door. Inside the door, you will find the elevator that you need to use to reach the lower level.

At the lower level, you will find more enemies that you need to defeat and activate the mechanism. Rotate the beam to open the door on the right side and inside you will find another mechanism and enemies. After activating both beams, you need to align them with the door on the left side to open them. Inside the door, you will find the elevator that will take you to the lower level.

In this level, you need to defeat two enemies, use the mechanism to elevate the mechanical gear, and align it with the blue sockets on the wall to open the door to the elevator.

At this level, you need to find 3 root cycles by opening three different doors. You can rotate the beam using the pedestal to activate the door and inside the door, you will find the mechanism that will change the gear position. Using this mechanism and changing gear position upwards and downwards, you can open all three doors and obtain the root cycles.

After obtaining all 3 Root Cycle, go to the middle area and use the Root cycle. After that, you will be teleported to another room where you need to interact with everyone. After interacting, you need to unlock the door and keep progressing below by using the stairs. There you need to break the seal over the Primordial Sea to complete this quest.

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