Genshin Impact Rowboat’s Wake Puzzle Solution

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, the Rowboat Wake Puzzle is the fourth and final part of the main “In the Wake of Narcissus” quest. In this quest, you have to talk with Ann and help her to reseal the entrance of the Primordial Sea. To re-seal the entrance you have to visit the Annapausis area main building. Follow the marker point to reach the area.

Genshin Impact Rowboat’s Wake Puzzle Solution

Once you reach the entrance of the main building in Annapusis area, you will be attacked by a bubble cannon that you need to dodge. To dodge these cannon attacks, you can stand behind the water walls. Before getting attacked a sniper mark will appear and you can see the trajectory of the shot. Dodge multiple cannon fires and after a minute they will disappear.

Now you can enter the main area which is called “The Real Annapausis”. Keep progressing forward, till you reach a cutscene. There you need to break the mirror wall using the Sword Of Narzissenkreuz to find Mary Ann. You just have to hit the wall with the sword you obtained till it breaks. Once the wall is broken you will obtain a new weapon called “Sword Of Narzissenkreuz”.

The final part of this quest will be to visit the Merusea Village. Open your map, at the bottom side of Annapausis you will find the Merusea Village. Teleport to the Merusea Village, Fontaine and make your way towards the marker.

There you will find an NPC called “Mamere”. After interacting with Mamere you will complete the Rowboat Wake quest. Once the quest is completed you will be rewarded with 30x Primogem, 30000x Mora, 2x Hero’s Wit, and 250x Adventure EXP.

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