Risk Of Rain Returns How To Unlock Artifact Of Command

Risk Of Rain Returns

Risk Of Rain Returns is the better remake of the popular game Risk Of Rain that got released on
November 8th, 2013. In this game, you must find the teleporter in each stage, activate it, and defeat the main boss to clear it. In each stage, you will encounter different types of enemies with different attack patterns. Your objective is to defeat these monsters and earn coins while killing them.

While exploring the map, you will obtain various shrines, items, equipment, and health chests that can be opened by spending these coins. These item chests can cost either 25$ or 50$ and will drop an item randomly which will boost your ability.

With the Artifact of Command active, you can choose one item out of three while opening one of the white item boxes. Below you can find a brief guide on how to obtain the Artifact of Command.

Risk Of Rain Returns How To Unlock Artifact Of Command

Artifact Of Command can be found on the fourth stage “Hive Cluster map. The maps you get after completing each stage can be random, but once you get the Hive Cluster map, you need to go toward the top right side of the map.

Once you reach the top right end, you will find a big vine of web that you need to climb. On the right, you will find some hanging pink webs that appear and disappear for a few seconds. Even if you can’t see those web lines, you can still use them to climb and reach a platform on the top right side. There on the platform, you will find the Artifact Of Command.

The artifact of command is a great item that enhances your gameplay by letting you choose the items from the box. This way you can combine the effects to make your character stronger and complete the stages easily.

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