Genshin Impact- Within the Depths of Erinnyes Walkthrough Guide

Genshin ImpactIn Genshin Impact, if you follow the questline of the World Quest “The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes“, you will finally have possession of all three Waterdrop keys after completing its sub-quests. These are the quest item which is needed to reveal and unlock a secret passage that will ultimately heal the great tree which was wilting slowly due to the corruption. To assist you in completing the “Within the Depths of Erinnyes“, we have compiled this walkthrough guide.

Within the Depths of Erinnyes Walkthrough Guide For Genshin Impact

The blue marker will lead you to the square, therefore, go to the Marcotte Station. Insert all three Waterdrop keys in the statues next to the fountain. After placing all the keys, a secret passage will open that will lead you under the square.

Enter the secret passage i.e. under the fountain and dive under the water to swim towards the marker. In this process, you will discover and enter the “Roots of Erinnyes“. Do not forget to activate the teleport waypoint!

How To Defeat Root-Consuming Tumor?

In Root of Erinnyes, you will find the culprit i.e. “Root-Consuming Tumor” who is corrupting and wilting the great tree of Erinnyes. To defeat the Root-Consuming Tumor, you will need to pick up the power-up orb from the stand to beam it out.

Most importantly, defeat the small tumors to make the Root-Consuming Tumor vulnerable. Once its shield is gone, beam the tumor out. Repeat this process until all its health is depleted. Few enemies will be summoned that can be taken care of easily.

Finally, you will emerge out of the water from Weeping Willow of the Lake. The giant tree will have a different color and return back to its full glory. For more informative guides on Genshin Impact, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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