Genshin Impact- Shattered Vessel Simple Vault Key Puzzle Sol.

Genshin ImpactAfter the 4.2 update of the Genshin Impact, adventurers are excited to explore and discover every secret the game has to offer. While sightseeing the beautiful land of Erinnyes Forest, you will stumble across shipwrecked boats here and there. The shiwrecked boat found as shown in the image below contains a simple vault i.e. locked behind the iron bars. To access it, you will require 3 Simple Vault Keys to unlock the iron barriers on the shattered vessel. Where can we find all the keys?

Genshin Impact

Shattered Vessel Simple Vault Key Puzzle Solution For Genshin Impact

Referring to the above image, where we found the iron barriers of the Shattered Vessel; follow the directions to find all the Simple Vault Key i.e. 1, 2, 3.

From the iron barriers of Shattered Vessel, climb the peak of the boat. You will notice a bird’s nest on the peak. Approach and Investigate the bird’s nest to collect the Simple Vault Key 1.

From the iron barriers of  Shattered Vessel or iron barrier, climb the shipwreck and defeat all the enemies to unlock the Common Chest. Unlock the Common Chest to obtain Simple Vault Key 2.

From the iron barriers of Shattered Vessel, you will find a part of the boat wreck or a part of the shipwrecked boat located nearby. Under the shade of it, you will find a traveler or survivor’s bag. Investigate the point of interest where you will find the Simple Vault Key 3.

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