Genshin Impact- Meteoric Lance Orthant’s Puzzle Solution

Genshin ImpactIn Genshin Impact, the World Quest “Search in the Algae Sea” is the tip of an iceberg. The whole chain of sub-questlines is interesting and frustrating at the same time. The search for your answer regarding the riddles; “Look For A Way Forward“, and “Orthant’s Puzzle” has led you to this guide post. Without any further delay, check the walkthrough!

Meteoric Lance Guide Walkthrough All Puzzles Solution For Genshin Impact

After completing the Orthant’s Puzzle in Muse’s Mother quest, the updated quest i.e. the “Meteoric Lance” will ask you to trace and find the Narzissenkreuz Ordo’s seals. The marker will lead you to the Fort Charybdis Ruins. Teleport to the nearest waypoint in the Fort Charybdis Ruins, and jump into the water channel which leads you to a tunnel.

Enter the tunnel, and you will have to “Look for a way forward“. Solve the puzzle that involves pillars only and 2 light devices. Follow the instructions to unlock the door.

How To Look For A Way Forward?

Eliminate the enemy which will release the two devices. Now, you will need to pick up the “Ball Octopus” power-up in order to interact with the devices. To pull the pillar up, use the blue-colored diamond-shaped device on the right. Interacting with the left side will lower the pillar.

  1. First, there are two pillars that can be pulled out from the ground to increase or decrease height. Rotate the source of the light towards the closest pillar and pull it out to adjust its height.
  2. The mirror placed on the sides of the first pillar will reflect the source of light forward straight to the first device.
  3. Similarly, pull the second pillar up using the blue-colored diamond-shaped device on the right. Adjust its height which will reflect the light straight forward on the second device. This will lift the iron barrier.

Take the lift and descend down to reveal another chamber of Orthant’s Puzzle.

Orthant’s Puzzle Solution

Similar to Muse’s Mother, after checking the condition; there are two flowing energy paths i.e. not delivering its energy to the large machine in the middle.

First Energy Path

To unlock the first path i.e. accessible only, lower both pillars after collecting the power-up from the side. This will allow you to access the lift down.

After removing all the distractions (enemies), check the Regulating Valve to operate and create a bidirectional valve. Align the first valves to their corresponding energy path and then “Release” the energy.

Let the energy flow and store in the device i.e. on the lift. “Go Up“, and “Release” the energy. This will flow the energy to the large machine in the middle and activate the green switch to open the door.

Second Energy Path

After delivering the energy, the second path will be accessible. Jump down and dive underwater. Defeat the enemies and take the power-up from the Octopus to operate the switch. There are two regulating valves.

Align all the bidirectional valves in order to release the energy and let it flow out. Consume another power-up from the fish to cut the vines. Clear the path and move forward.

Use, the lift and go up as the device is juiced up. Move up two floors as you have jumped and went underwater which was two floors down. Release the energy and climb on top of the mechanism to finally complete the current quest line.

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