Genshin Impact- Cupid’s Lover Orthant’s Puzzle Solution

Genshin ImpactIn Genshin Impact, there are various questlines i.e. sub-quests under a main quest. Similarly after completing the Meteoric Lance sub-quest for the “Search in the Algae Sea” i.e. World Quest, you will obtain the quest i.e. “Cupid’s Lover” next. The quest might be straightforward but the riddles that need to be solved are quite complex. Adventurers who are looking for the solution to the Orthant’s puzzle, look no more as this guide has an in-depth explanation of what you need to do.

Cupid’s Lover Orthant’s Puzzle Solution For Genshin Impact

After entering the tunnel in the East Slopes of Mont Automnequi, you will need to solve the Orthant’s puzzle that involves a large machine in the middle and a flow of energy. However, before entering the underground palace or structure, make sure you have activated two energy devices which were on both sides of the entrance.

1st Orthant’s Puzzle

The left side of the device will require you to rotate the valve to align it perfectly for a smooth flow of energy. Take the ball octopus power-up to rotate the device and solve it. However, with respect to the left side, the right side of the device is straightforward. Just “Release“!

Special Key

After entering the door, “Release” the energy i.e. stored in the device. To open the door, you will require a “Special Key“. To get the Special Key, you will need to enter the lift found on the Eastern side of the chamber where the large machine in the middle is located.

Note: The puzzle is now at a halt until you get the Special Key!

After collecting the Special Key, move back to the previous location where the green switch asked for the specific key that you have in possession. Use the Special Key, enter the lift, and “Go Down“. Next, Release the energy to complete all the Orthant’s puzzles.

2nd Orthant’s Puzzle

Advance the South part of the chamber to access the lift and “Go Down“. Advance forward and enter the room where bidirectional valves can be noticed on the ground. Unlock the door where a power-up is found. Consume the power and attach the clone on the switch to explode it later, once you have entered the door.

This will lift the door inside where you can “Release” the power stored in the energy device. The water will be drained out, and “Go Up” using the lift after the device in the lift is completely juiced up. After going up a floor, “Release” the energy and move towards the second part of the Orthant’s Puzzle.

3rd Orthant’s Puzzle

Advance towards the Eastern part of the chamber and use the lift to “Go Up“. Simply approach the device forward and “Release” it to let the energy flow. Behind the device on the upper floor, you will find the Special Key.

Inspect the top of the machine after powering up the large machine in the middle from all sides to complete the quest “Cupid’s Lover“.

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