Genshin Impact- All 6 Foggy Forest Branch Location

Genshin ImpactIn Genshin Impact, the world is vast, and solving all small puzzles here and there to obtain a few chests was never your main priority. At least till now because if you want to shift your attention to get Foggy Forest Branches i.e. requested by Pahsiv in Loch Urania; there is no other way except to complete the challenges and solve the puzzles. The specific puzzles that need to be solved in order to get all 6 Foggy Forest Branches are mentioned in this guide.

All 6 Foggy Forest Branch Locations In Genshin Impact

Take the reference from the image in order to find all the locations as mentioned:

Genshin Impact

1st Foggy Forest Branch

At marked location 1, you will find water i.e. corrupted by the monsters. Cleanse the water using the power-up i.e. placed on a stand nearby. After cleansing the water, dive underneath and enter the portal.

You will be teleported to a hidden chamber where unlocking the Exquisite Chest will drop your first Foggy Forest Branch.

2nd Foggy Forest Branch

At marked location 2, you will need to complete the puzzle that requires you to light up all four lanterns. To light up the lantern, at the closest proximity, you will find a round glowing orb. Collect it and enter the water to create an aura around you.

Next, install the Hydro Core and hit the blue gem to start rotating the lanterns. This will light up all the lanterns. Once all the lanterns are lit, hit the gem again to stop the rotation in order to reveal the Precious Chest. Open the chest to collect a piece of Foggy Forest Branch.

3rd Foggy Forest Branch

The 3rd Foggy Forest Branch can be found after going to marked location 3 through the closest teleport waypoint. Climb the mountain to start the challenge to collect all 10 Particles within a time limit. After successful completion, the Exquisite Chest will spawn that contains a Foggy Forest Branch.

4th Foggy Forest Branch

Reach the marked location 4, there will be a small water body that emits a small blue aura around it. Nearby on the heightened place, you will find a stand that has a power-up orb on it next to the rolling stone. Collect the power up, hold the charge, and shoot the rolling stone toward the direction of the water where the aura is emitting.

After solving the small puzzle, collect the chest and dive into the water to take the portal. This will teleport you to a submerged shipwreck where you can collect the Precious Chest which contains the 4th Foggy Forest Branch.

5th Foggy Forest Branch

Close into the marked location 5 to view a small water body next to the road. Collect the Ousia Block from the mouth of the oyster by simply hitting it. Next, dive into the water to use the Ousia Block on the object. This will reveal the Exquisite Chest that contains the 5th Foggy Forest Branch.

6th Foggy Forest Branch

The final Foggy Forest Branch is found in a Precious Chest located behind the iron barriers in the Shattered Vessel. You will require 3 Simple Vault Keys to open it which we have mentioned all its location in our previous guide.

Genshin Impact- Shattered Vessel Simple Vault Key Puzzle Sol.

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